Apr 15

BBM video Chat coming soon to desktop

BBMBBM has seen a lot of success on the mobile devices in the last few months, but BBM is still hungry for the success and has decided to bring the desktop version of BBM. John Chen said that they are working on the BBM for the desktop that will bring the BBM for the desktop having the video chat feature. This decision is made mainly to target the Skype. Although Skype won’t be effected by this BlackBerry move but this move will certainly bring more users to BBM and this will really please BlackBerry. So we are waiting for the BBM for the desktop, we hope that the BBM for the BlackBerry will be launched soon for the desktop users.

Apr 13

BlackBerry 10 users can upgrade to Samsung and save $200

T-MobileT-Mobile has started a new offer to attract the BlackBerry users. The BlackBerry users can buy get a new Samsung smartphone by exchanging the BlackBerry device with it and save $200. Well this is a great offer for the BlackBerry users, there are quite a lot BlackBerry users who are annoyed with the BlackBerry and this is a great chance for them. Although this offer is only for the existing BlackBerry and T-Mobile users. If you are one of them click on the following link to avail this offer.

Apr 13

Facebook for BlackBerry updated in the Beta Zone

FacebookThe Facebook for the BlackBerry 10 is updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The Facebook update available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone will remove the minor bugs that the last update had, so you can update the Facebook for the BlackBerry 10 from the Beta Zone app. In case you don’t have the BlackBerry Beta Zone app installed on your BlackBerry 10 you can get the BlackBerry Beta Zone app from the link below of the BlackBerry World.


Please note that this is a beta update and may have some errors.

Apr 13

BlackBerry Porsche Design available on ShopBlackBerry

BlackBerry Porsche Design One more BlackBerry 10 device is now available on ShopBlackBerry.com and this time it is a big one. The BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9982 is now available on ShopBlackBerry.com. This device is a real attraction piece for those who love the unique BlackBerry Porsche design series. BlackBerry Porsche Design is an awesome device with some exciting looks. It is the device for the guys who love to be unique so if you are one of them you can the buy the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9982 from the ShopBlackBerry.com click on this link of ShopBlackBerry.

Apr 09

BlackBerry Z3 once more in front of Camera

The BlackBerry Z3 is Foxconn built upcoming BlackBerry 10 device that is about to launch soon. We have already seen how the BlackBerry Z3 looks like when the BlackBerry Z3 was shown previously on the camera. BlackBerry Z3 is again shown in front of camera. The BlackBerry Z3 is really an awesome device, the pictures just tell the whole story. Lets have a look at few of the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta pics.

BlackBerry Z3BlackBerry Z3BlackBerry Z3BlackBerry Z3BlackBerry Z3The BlackBerry Z3 looks impressive and we hope that this device will really be liked by the folks out there.

Apr 07

Prepaid BlackBerry Z10 from Telus for just $199.99

BlackBerry Z10The BlackBerry is getting a price off all around the globe and the Telus in Canada after seeing the world trend Telus has decided to make the price off on prepaid BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 is an awesome device and for only $199.99 the BlackBerry Z10 is a decent deal from the Telus. The BlackBerry Z10 from the Telus will be running on the OS 10.2.1 which will make the BlackBerry Z10 even a better deal from the Telus. So grab the BlackBerry Z10 from the Telus and enjoy the BlackBerry Z10 from Telus.

Apr 07

BlackBerry 10.2.1 now on Sprint

BlackBerryThe BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 makes the BlackBerry 10 experience even better and the Sprint has decided to launch the OS 10.2.1 on their network. So the Sprint BlackBerry 10 users can enjoy the OS 10.2.1 on their BlackBerry 10 devices. The BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 update will automatically be available in the notification tab, in case you haven’t got the notification you can check the software updates from the settings of the BlackBerry 10. The BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 is equipped with some exciting features and we hope that the Sprint users will love the BlackBerry OS 10.2.1.

Apr 05

Love the White BlackBerry Z30?

BlackBerry Z30The BlackBerry looks gorgeous in white color and there are many people out there who want to get the white BlackBerry Z30. Well the guys who love the white color BlackBerry Z30 you can now get the BlackBerry Z30 from ShopBlackBerry.com. The BlackBerry Z30 is available from the ShopBlackBerry for $499.00, so you can buy the BlackBerry Z30 at a decent price by clicking on the link of ShopBlackBerry.

Apr 01

BBM 2.1 for all the supported devices

BlackBerryThe BBM 2.1 is now available for all the devices which include BlackBerry 10, Android and iPhone. The BBM 2.1 will include the stickers support which is a good inclusion for those who love interacting with each other by using the stickers. The BBM 2.1 also include some features like sending larger files upto 16mb through BBM chat and sending pictures support in the multi-person chats. The BBM 2.1 will be available for download for your country today. So check the BlackBerry World’s update tab to update the BBM 2.1.

Apr 01

BlackBerry PlayBook support ends this April

BlackBerry PlayBookBlackBerry PlayBook just received the update of OS yesterday but there is rather sad news for the BlackBerry fans, that BlackBerry PlayBook will no longer receive any update after this April. BlackBerry will now not provide support to the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is really a set back for the BlackBerry PlayBook users as there are many BlackBerry users still using the BlackBerry PlayBook and they still want the BlackBerry to provide the support for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Well we hope that BlackBerry will change their mind and will keep providing the support for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The BlackBerry has already announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook will not get an update of BlackBerry 10 but the news about BlackBerry ending BlackBerry PlayBook support will really shock BlackBerry PlayBook users. 

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