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Citroën’s style-laden DS models (Part 2)
The retail presence in Auckland has been given a boost with the opening of a new flagship showroom in Greenlane
Citroën’s style-laden DS models (Part 1)
Citroën’s style-laden DS models are all about the design. They are difficult to recommend rationally however.
Ferrari 458 Speciale – Extreme Sport (Part 2)
For all the Speciale’s changes, it’s still the 458′s super-quick steering that requires most acclimatization –it’s fighter-jet agility remains shocking and it takes a few corners to realise that, yes, you really can keep your hands fixed in place on the steering wheel, even though tight hairpins
Ferrari 458 Speciale – Extreme Sport (Part 2)
The dual-clutch gearbox responds to commands on the steering column-mounted paddles more promptly than before, even though Italia owners might scratch their heads and say, ‘um, but the shifts are already instantaneous’.
Ferrari 458 Speciale – Extreme Sport (Part 1)
Improving on the 458 Italia is a fool’s errand, so Ferrari decided that this hardcode version should be ‘different, not better’. We’re about to taste the difference
2014 Chevrolet Stingray Convertible – Home Run, Take Two
This part of the two-lane back road was particularly rough, yet the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible showed absolutely no shake or rattle. It just rolled along, as rigid, tightly wound and complaint-free as Kim Jong Un’s family Christmas gathering.
BMW M3 Coupe – M Duo Powers On
BMW may have broken 26 years of naturally aspirated M3 tradition with its new model, but while the new F80 version with its direct-injection, twin-turbo inline 3.0-litre six offers just a minor increase in power, it delivers a whopping 150Nm of extra torque (550Nm) over the outgoing 4.0-litre V8, realised between 1800 and 5500rpm
LS3-powered Chevelle SS – Doin’ ’65 (Part 2)
The frame was unsalvageable, and the body needed extensive sheetmetal replacement. As a result, after the car was media blasted, they added new quarters, new floors, trunk floor, fenders, and hood.
LS3-powered Chevelle SS – Doin’ ’65 (Part 1)
Maryland native Bill Kuhn wanted a piece of that action, so in ’64 he pulled the trigger on a new SS ragtop. Fresh from a stint in the military, he had one ordered, and was ready to take delivery of it.
2001 Mitsubishi Evo VII – Silver Lining ( Part 2 )
For most people this would be the last straw, but not for Brad who, instead of giving up, went about making his car better than ever.
2001 Mitsubishi Evo VII – Silver Lining ( Part 1 )
Brad Jesson has dreamed of owning a performance car since he was about nineyears old. Way back then he promised himself that when he got his first full-timejob, that’s exactly what he would do.
Audi A3 Sedan – So much more than a boot
You love your parents, but don’t wish to be exactly like them. They continue writing embarrassing notes on your dormant Facebook wall, while you’re mostly active on Twitter. They think brown rice contains good carbs, whereas you’ve been eating quinoa since that final year at university.
BMW X5 – A Midsize Luxury SUV
The new, third-generation X5 is all about evolution, not revolution. And it’s not hard to see why. The car that invented the Sports Activity Vehicle niche back in 1999 has been a strong seller ever since its launch – the second-gen model posting steady sales despite its imminent replacement.
GWM C20R – A Very Good Car
Pagani Zonda R. Porsche RSR. Nissan GT -R. Golf R. GWM C20R. If it ends in R, chances are it’s a very good car. So you might justifiably wonder why the latest compact hatch crossover from Chinese brand GWM joins this esteemed list.
Fiat 500L 1.4 – A Five-Door Mini MPV
The Fiat 500L has had me vexed for a while. I needed to see it in the metal in order to get my head around its dimensions, and now I have. It isn’t a five-door 500, it’s one that’s been mutated into a compact MPV.
Volvo V40 T5 R – Witness The Scandinavian Fitness
Now typically you’d associate Volvos with practicality, efficiency and safety. Obsessively-compulsive, mind-numbingly intricate systems leading to unparalleled levels of safety, to be specific – and that’s a good thing, probably.
2015 Mustang – Interior, Airplane-inspired
In the world of automobiles, it’s the car’s exterior that makes the big first impression. That’s not to say we are all superficial, but when it comes to cars, we want to like the way our ride looks. Its appearance says something to the world about us.
PORSCHE MACAN : Small is more
Of all the Macans tested so far - including the monumental 400bhp Macan Turbo that nails the century dash in 4.8 seconds - the one with the relatively puny engine proves to be the sweetest.
Km3 Focus – Global Trending (Part 3)
Now, considering the default mods for most in the UK is a set of Gaz Gold coil overs and some Compomotives, the idea of fitting CR Kai Kiwani Ultimates and air bags might seem a bit weird – but then this is the beauty of the latest generation of Fiesta and Focus STs.
Km3 Focus – Global Trending (Part 2)
“Modifying a domestic car was very uncommon in our local car community – mine was often the only domestic in a sea of Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas and other imports,” he said. “In the past couple of years though, we’ve noticed a steady increase at our local shows and events although there’s still not many sedans like mine!”
No Limit – Wildest S14S (Part 2)
Realistically, Chris had no idea what he was doing. He was always good with his hands and had a good imagination, but he had zero experience when it came to building a full-on project from start to finish. What you see here came as a result of a whole lot of trial and error.
No Limit – Wildest S14S (Part 1)
The eternal struggle in our community is trying to be "different." No matter how hard you try to set yourself apart from the rest, you end up in the cycle of trends where your ideas get thrown in with what will eventually become popular.
Final Fantasy V8-powered 240SX (Part 4)
Having transitioned from wreck to track weapon to drift star over the course of a decade, Chris Soehren’s V8-powered 240SX has finally become the car he always envisaged…
Final Fantasy V8-powered 240SX (Part 3)
The car in question was a little red chrome 240SX that sat in his bedroom during his high school years. It was always one of his favourites, so Chris opted for Candy Apple red over a chrome base coat. It was time for his beloved but abused Nissan to step up and become a striking demo vehicle for Elite Automotive Finishes.
Final Fantasy V8-powered 240SX (Part 2)
He ran the 240SX that way for some time but, as you can imagine, the K24 under the bonnet began to struggle to satisfy his power hungry demands. It was also getting pretty old and tired, so instead of rebuilding it or sourcing a like-for-like replacement, Chris began exploring other avenues.
Final Fantasy V8-powered 240SX (Part 1)
Before we get started, turn forward a couple of pages and take a look at the ‘before’ photos. Go on, have a look... You back with us now? Good. Quite some transformation isn’t it? If you’re anything like us you’ll need few moments to look through the shots and take it all in. It’s hard to get your head round just how far this S13 has come.
Game Changer: i8 UK Drive (Part 5)
Externally there's a slightly disappointing range of colours to choose from - effectively white, grey, silver and blue, or Crystal, Sophisto Ionic and Protonic if you've fallen for the BMW naming convention.
Game Changer: i8 UK Drive (Part 4)
In Sport mode the electronic dampers are automatically set in their firmer mode - unlike other BMWs there's no facility to just have the sporty throttle map without having the tauter chassis - but the car still rides remarkably well and this means you can carry plenty of speed even over the most unkempt pieces of road.
Game Changer: i8 UK Drive (Part 3)
The i8 effectively has four driving modes. The default setting is Comfort, and it's this mode that is dialled-in on initial start up, and what you get here is an intelligent interaction between the petrol combustion engine and the electric motor.
Game Changer: i8 UK Drive (Part 2)
You feel hunkered down in the cabin and even before the door's closed you feel nicely cocooned thanks to that high sill, and once you've closed the door you feel the full effect of the swooping interior design that wraps around you. There's plenty of familiar BMW switchgear in here and while it's less out of Tron than the exterior it's still a hi-tech setup.