Sep 07

OS leaked for BlackBerry Z10 STL 100-1

BlackBerry Z10Another OS leaked, and this time it is for BlackBerry Z10 model STL 100-1. The STL 100-1 guys don’t get an OS update quite often and they often complain about that other models get a leaked OS update but they are left waiting. This is a happy news for the owners of  STL 100-1 model because this time only they have got a leaked OS. The owners of STL 100-1 can install this leaked OS on their device. In case they don’t know how to install the leaked OS on their device they can learn it from the following link HOW TO INSTALL LEAKED OS. Please perform the backup before installing the leaked OS on you device. You can download the autoloader from the following link.

Disclaimer: Please download and install the leaked OS on your own risk we are not responsible for any damage done to your device by installing the leaked OS.